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It is a rainy day and you decide to spend a few ten pences in the large arcade in the town centre. Why not?

You have been here a while now, and although you are thinking about leaving cannot find the exit!

Still, there are lots of great games to play here, and lots of Virtual Reality games as well, which are by far the best. You can be a warrior or a wizard in a rich fantasy setting, or go to the shady futuristic streets of one of the sci-fi games.

You have been here for days now, the arcade seems to go on forever. In game credits that you earn in the virtual worlds you spend on food and drink. You use the rest rooms to wash in and you sleep wherever you can find a quiet spot. There is much adventure for you here, and reality is blending into the games that you play until you can no longer tell the difference. You are lost and confused when not experiencing these virtual worlds.

Perhaps the greatest challenge you face will be finding the fabled key that leads to ... outside the Arcade?

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Port : 4000 (or 23)

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Special Note : The artwork on this site is not mine. I have borrowed it all from places on the internet. One site I found seemed to really capture in my mind exactly how the people in Fossworld would look like. This is the link : http://www.enworld.org/Pozas/    Claudio - your stuff is great! While I can just about draw as well as that I just don't have the time so I am using some of those drawings. If anyone at all has any problems with me using images from the internet just let me know. Remember - I don't make any money from this game though!

Please note, there is no forum at the moment. If enough people start playing I will install one. Otherwise just drop me an e-mail or use /idea /typo and /bug in game to leave feedback.


(lib/text/news) BROUGHT TO YOU BY KINDLY UNCLE ROSTOV 11/10/01 - Added objects to the newbie garden. 10/10/01 - work started on Bongo Island. 29/01/02 - Wiped the mortal board clean, and will put updates in this file from now on. Started work on an area east of Toad Hall. 07/02/02 - Mr Pankies shed is now locked :) 14/02/02 - Added cottage to area east of toad hall. Added the bunker to the Dreaming and mobs. 15/02/02 - Post Office moved to within the arcade. Added a couple of small areas to the Dreaming. Sorted out the annoying maze in Moira. Added the Gym Teacher to the Newbie Training area. Added some lions to the lion pit in Basil. 21/02/02 - Bongo Island now finished - with all locs, mobs and objs. 29/05/02 - Loads of new zones added and am updating to latest version of CircleMUD. OK, latest version seems ok:) I picked up a bunch of zones from the circle mud website, includin : The Shire, Starship Enterprise The Black Forest, SpaceStation Alpha, Planet of the Apes and Haunted House. Some cool stuff :) 26/06/02 - Edited all the new zones so the conform to my style, so many large changes :) Whole bunch of EPIC ARMOUR added, and bunch of standard equipment for mobs. 12/08/02 - Added 16 new races and 16 new classes, with many new training areas. Now the bug hunting fun begins :) 14/08/02 - Still to add a few guilds for the new classes, but it all appears fine. You can now buy a fishing rod and go fishing! Fixed the XP tables, now it makes alot more sense. A Gnoll Gangbuster levels ALOT faster than a Cyborg Jedi now :) 14/06/03 - Day 3 of being up and running. Finding and fixing lots of bugs :) Check the MOTD for a known bug list. Added a new area, a graveyard, to the west of the city for levels 5 to 20. 17/06/03 - Wanda in Caire Bolane is now a shop. Fixed many mob related issues. Updated Toadhall to the west of Timu. Added descriptions to all the objects in the haunted house and the dwarven mines. Hawkers now sell thier food - although who would eat it I don't know! 18/06/03 - Did a few easy typos and mob tinkers :) 28/06/03 - Added a new monster to the newbie zone that might be useful to kill. Removed the death room from Rands Tower and added a boss level baddie that holds the Fire Demon Sword. Started developing the 'Shire' into 'Tormwood' 29/06/03 - Fixed a few bugs here and there. Necros should now start with 'Animate Dead'. Changed alot of the mobs in the desert regions. Started added descriptions to all the items in Joppa 01/07/03 - Did a whole load of easy typos and exit bugs. Also I have redone the SCORE command and hopefully it is now more robust. 04/07/03 - Adding stuff and fixing stuff. The main thing is that the Elphinstone Gardens are now occupied, they are near Caire Bolane. It is an area more or less the same as the graveyard but full of good mobs instead of bad. 08/07/03 - Beware as you cross Pikestaff Pass, some monsters have moved in! Been mucking about with colours as well :) 13/07/03 - All mobs now have alias 'mob', eg you could use 'l mob' to look at anything be it a dummy or a monster :) Also, SKIN is a new skin any player can PRATICE at thier guild at various levels. If you have a sharp weapon and you have just killed something. Try typing 'skin corpse' and see what you get! 29/07/03 - Added new items to the start location for new players. Added 2 new small areas. The Hen Field in The Dreaming zone and a ruined dwarf hall to the Askbakar Mines. 05/08/03 - Added some new items for sale in the wizards shop. Also added a new zone - Tangle Wood, that can be found along the Entland Road past the small halmet. 12/08/03 - Cleared up alot of the new Class code, although there are still things to do. Added a new skill 'bearhug', which has also proved to me that adding skills/spells is doable :) 19/08/03 - Added 2 new skills 'bearhug' and 'mine'. Looking at DG scripts. My code base is now so heavily modified that I have to hand patch it. Which is going to take some time! 02/09/03 - Still working away on DG scripts. Bit of a nightmare as alot of the old code has to be changed also. 07/10/03 - Added a small wooded area east of the evil tower of Cthulu. 04/11/03 - The EXE is now a version that has DG scripts available! Although I haven't added any yet. It looks like I have also added a lot of bugs, so expect more crashes etc until they are ironed out sorry! 21/12/03 - MAJOR OVERHAUL - I have changed the basic code base, but coded in all the stuff I had added before. Doing it the other way round was too hard. DG scripts should work now - all I need to do is add some :) Some bugs have most likely been introduced but I am trying to deal with them as I find them! 31/12/03 - Added a new zone. Well 2 really as the castle to the north of Timu was never accessible. Now it is, but it is very hard to get into! Fixed a few bugs as well while I was at it :) 03/02/04 - Added in a lot of new skills. Mainly more futuristic spells for the Cybermage. They are all a little different to the mage spells. Also updated related help files. 24/02/04 - Fixed many bugs and typos. Re-did alot of skinning data. 23/03/04 - Hi Wibble! Well you sure got to 101 pretty quick, you must have used a bug or an exploit or something? I can't level that quickly with twinked test characters! Anyway, it highlighted something. I see you got Imp status as well, so I have set the config.c file so that people can't get it under normal playing. Seems a little unfair if the real imp (ie me!), has never even talked to you! I don't know if Wibble the Warrior will still be an imp or not, we will have to see about that. Would be worrying if someone went mad with Oasis or something... Anyway, we will see :) 13/06/04 - Ah but what am I talking about? Imm is for Immortal not Implementor so there is no problem at all! There has been a small amount of activity in the game I have noticed looking at the logs but I am sorry to say I have not been adding much to the game recently! 22/06/04 - Spent all evening hacking away at DG Scripts - man they are fiddly!! Another thing as well : I spent ages trying to figure why certain scripts were not running and while RANDOM scripts ran - GREETING scripts did not! It took me ages to figure out GREETING scripts only work when the mob can actually see you - DOH! It is better than just RANDOM in some situations as then you can refer to the person who just entered by name. Ah well, was worth it just to figure that out - so I can start adding more scripts now :) 06/07/04 - Changed around the Arcade i.e. the central area so it is a little less cramped. Also made use of new directions IN and OUT to make the portals a bit better ;) 13/07/04 - More things can be looked at! The vegetable sellers are no longer on strike and will actually sell their vegetalbes now :) Tubs is now better dressed, as is the young elf maid in the small forest. So is the Jedi Trainer :) Uncovered a whole can of worms - one blind alien who should have been invisible meant that ALL the affectation tags were wrong - out by one. All the mobs with AFF tags had to be changed ;/ - but hopefully mobs that are meant to be invis should no longer be blind! 20/07/04 - New spells and skills! Added two new spells, one for witches and one for druids. Added a new skill that most fighter classes may find handy - improvise weapon; the ability to make a simple weapon at any time. 27/07/04 - Added 3 more zones from CAW (Curious Area Network). They are not in the FW 'format' but I will do it at some point ;) So, there is a new dangerous area deep in the Angor Forest, there is a new street in Timu with something sinister in it and there is another Newbie Area, the Factory of Doom! 05/10/04 - Been making bug fixes the last couple of months - nothing too world shattering though :D 11/10/04 - More bugs fixed and a couple of new mobs added. There is also a new shop in Timu! 17/10/04 - Working my way through the huge bug list, added a few new mobs to Joppa. 02/11/04 - Taking care of small additions etc and categorising the bigger bugs/ideas for later 09/11/04 - Added some new stuff from the ideas list. Some nice new newbie weapons added, a new shopkeeper and new items and mobs. 30/11/04 - Grrr! I wish i'd never bothered adding some new skills - because the improvise skill isn't working anymore - for no reason that I can see at all! It compiles ok - but circle.exe just rplls over and dies... Arg! So improv out for the time being - I am sick of skills now, will do something else until I can face them again :P 04/12/04 - Added 6 new zones from CAW. There is a new town to the east of Timu, past the hamlet. There is another inn, to the south of Maliobor forest. There is a new school zone in the Dreaming. There is a lizardman temple to the west of the City of Basil. There is an antman colony to the north of Joppa. 14/12/04 - Sorted some things that were throwing up errors in the Logfile. 08/02/05 - Well the mud just got a bit bigger! New zones : Uffia and the Goblin Town - To the south of Buzzard, over the Spidertooth Mnts Vomzeraz - An evil city hidden near Bak-Payn Jungle - There is a small island south of Bongo Island Elven Forest - South from the crossroads on the Entland Road Hell! - Consisting of 3 zones, accessed from the Arcade directly Graveyard - The graveyard of Timu just got a lot bigger! Tanderha - a town to the south of Mailibor and the Waystation 01/03/05 - Beginning work on upgrading to the latest Buddha version of CircleMUD. I remember what a great big pain in the arse it was upgrading last time - but it was well worth it in the end for all the extra features and it is niggling at me that there is a new version out that I am not using! Before I started on this I added some magic items to the game. 08/03/05 - Ok so that didn't work. Can't get the new version to work. The best thing to do apparently is use Cygwin to emulate Unix on the PC. I'm sure CirclMUD would like it - but I'm hopeless as unix and can't get it installed! Interestingly I can get my buggered version of the circle.exe to work on my XP machine - so I think I will install XP on the 98 box and see if that helps! All good fun! 27/03/05 - A new zone! Just finished it, boy am I tired now! The idea for the zone came from the silly names of the monsters in Progress Quest and grew from there. You can find the zone - an island - by setting sail on the Sea of the Soverign Winds. South east of Joppa! 26/04/05 - My new PC has been broken for a while - but its fixed now :) Been working on adding new item slots. They will arrive soon, I just need to figure out how to add bit vectors beyond 'z'! 21/05/05 - Whew! Hard work, but 23 new zones added! I am tired so I can't be bothered listing them will just let people find out the changes for themselves :) 31/05/05 - Got the island of Albia connected to the east coast of Bongo Island. Albia is a re-working of the old classic 'Vice Island', basically I am thinking of the island resort setting of Lesure Suit Larry 3! I will debug it and add to it and see how it works out anyway, at some point. 05/06/05 - Many new item slots now! Current items slots are : LIGHT, FINGERx2, NECKx2 , BODY, HEAD LEGS, FEET, HANDS, ARMS, SHIELD, ABOUT, WAIST, WRISTx2, WIELD, HOLD. New ones are :PACK, EARx2, WINGS, MASK, PANTS, VEST, OVER, EYES, SOCKS, SUSPENDER, ANKLEx2, TOEx2, NOSE, CHARMx3 So, I have added a few new examples of each to some mobs. however I am thinking about going through every zone file and updating what all the mobs hold/wear as many many mobs have nothing at all - so expect more items (for your new slots) soon! 23/06/05 - Been fixing bugs and stuff. Also adding skin data to the mobs for the new zones. Gave the Unity police in City 17 some armour and weapons. 28/01/06 - Adding 3 new zones, and more terraine types. For info on that, type 'help terraine' 28/03/06 - 2 more zones added - a path to the village of Wensleydale has been re-opened in the Benbow Hills! 01/05/06 - Making many code changes. Have updated the combat system a little and added combat skills. Have made the weather system much more complex. Adding new zones as well. 16/05/06 - Just been adding stuff and updating. All mobs should now be clothed if they are humanoid. That's right! Sorry - no nakeds! Also - all mobs (unless there is a sensible reason not to) are SKINNABLE - ie - you can use the skin skill to gain something interesting from the corpse. 22/06/06 - Travellers tell of the town of Borderville, that lies far to the south of Timu, a place of adventure and also home to the Bards Guild. 23/06/06 - Players in the Biffatorium report that there is now a new area beyond the first. Simply kill Jamie Oliver to gain entrance! - There are now 28 quests in the game! Talk to Freeda to get started. 30/07/06 - Ran the whole world through a spell checker. Got rid of hundreds of typos and spelling mistakes! 22/08/06 - Major reformating and typo search still in operation. Also a new gaming zone has been added. Big Brother! Oh no! The BB6 house is now in, and BB7 will soon follow! 24/10/06 - Many new zones, quests and triggers added! 01/11/06 - Review of the EXP code. I couldn;t figure out why my test characters always seemed to be getting a lot less EXP than stated in the .mob files. It appears that the EXP gain is divided by 3. So I removed that, so now in theory everyone should get x3 the amount of EXP per kill. This may have been in place to off-set the EXP that you get mearly for hitting things which I removed as it seemed a little daft that you could go hit a dragon and run off but get exp for it! The EXP system is still not the way I would like it though, but should be much more rewarding now! You may have noticed a few more NPCs around too! They are there to help guide new players 07/02/07 Been mainly working on XP and Gold reward balancing. Zone connection issues have also been looked at as well as many other smaller house-keeping issues. 14/03/07 Valley of the Damned revamped. 15/05/07 There will be no major updates for just now. There is loads of content, lots of zones, lots of treasure and monsters :) I added quests and new skills etc. Right now though other things are holding my interest although I still like tinkering with this game. Still, if no one is playing the current content, then there is no great need to add new stuff. I definetly think the game is ready enough to be played by people so I will see about attracting vistors. Also I will play the game more myself, partly to play test, and partly to say hello should anyone log on. 13/09/07 Hopefully objects should no longer be deleted if an account as not been active for a month. Items should now stay forever. 20/01/08 This is the website for fossworld : http://www.bebo.com/fossworld Hehe, I know, its a bebo page! 27/02/08 All zones except the Great Forest should now be linked. For a list of all zones check out the forums! 12/05/08 There are 35 quests in the game! 04/10/08 Formating of many zones. All rooms should be no more than 90 characters wide. Many still to do though. 01/09/08 A lava beast has been retrained in the correct ways of mobs... 02/09/08 all typos to date fixed. 03/09/08 Added a help entry for 'DEATH' 12/09/08 Corky Manglepoops is now available in the Arcade. He will heal anyone who says 'heal me' to him for a fee of 10 gold. 16/09/08 The shop keepers of Elbow Stone mines are now open for business. 17/09/08 Something interesting has happened around Gabadiel's Smithy. 19/09/08 Tidy up of skills code base in anticipation of new skills! 23/09/08 The following spells have been added : 'eagle eyes' 'create flowers' 'summon flame sword' 'summon warp shield' 'create mage potion' 'chain lightning' 'ice storm' 'death doom' 'righteousness' 'jedi choke' 'jedi push' 'lesser vigour' 'vigour' 'greater vigour' 'travel helper' 24/09/08 The following summon spells have been added ... but there is something wrong with the summoning mechanism so they don't work yet ; 'summon zombie, skeleton, wraith, spectre, ghoul, vampire hound, vampire, homey, shield bearer, servant, rabbit, killer rabbit, wolf, bear' 02/10/08 Thunder and lightning storms were going mental, so they have been toned down a bit ;) 04/11/08 The naughty wizard that was cloning Mr Perkins and his maid has been stopped. Cleared some lost mobs out of a death room. The tea flask contains tea now and not lemonade! Biffatorium weapons reformated. (nearly) All triggers are in the ZON file now, meaning that mobs are now less likely to repeat themselves. 20/11/08 There is now a newbie induction area that gives out stuff and explains the basic concepts of the game. 03/12/08 A new searching skill has been added to the game and is avialable to all. Type 'help scour' for more details. 04/12/08 Weather has been removed from many indoor rooms. Albia Island has been given a major revamp and it should be slightly 'easier' to navigate around. The monsters in Hell should hit for a bit less now. 17/12/08 Rapunzel Wizard should now telport you directly to your guild if you saw 'guild' to him. 18/12/08 Map makes return from the Uffia farmlands. It does make sense after all! There is a new quest in Hannah. The Citadel got bigger. 02/01/10 Now every kill gives an extra 250 xp! This is to encourage play and can be considered temporary 06/02/10 World 'complete'. The Great Forest has been opened up and all the zones that were to hang off that are now avialable. No more zone will be added for the forceable future. The Great Forest is vast though and there is plenty to do! 21/06/11 - I recently updated my MudConnector profile and this has caused a lot more of traffic to come in-game. To all incoming players - have fun! Also don't forget to feedback with BUG, TYPO and IDEA. I'll set up a Facebook page soon too.